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Heaven Must Wait, Part II ~ Spotlight

Heaven Must Wait, Part II, a new novella by Brenda B. Taylor, is the fourth book in the Wades of Crawford County series, and is the sequel to Heaven Must Wait. The story continues the courtship of Ralph Wade and Leann Clark. The novella is available on most ebook vendors. Grab your copy for $0.99.


Heaven Must Wait, Part II

Heaven Must Wait, Part II



Times are difficult in Missouri after the Civil War. Families struggle to keep their property from creditors and outlaws. The desire of Ralph Wade’s heart is to marry the girl of his dreams, beautiful Leann Clark, but many obstacles stand in their way. Ralph finds love is not enough to persuade Leann’s father to give his permission for their marriage. John Clark wishes more than love for his daughter. He wants her husband to provided a good living with a secure future. Ralph is much too hot-tempered and unreliable in John’s eyes. Leann desires the dashing Ralph and defies her father to be with him. She believes her love is strong enough to see them through the hard times. Through adverse circumstances, the young couple struggle to keep the fires of their love and faith burning.



They reached the copse of willow, oak, and hickory trees beside the creek. Limbs of the willow hung low over the water, sporting light green and yellow leaves. The majestic oaks stood tall with the hickory nested close by. Brown hickory nuts in their hard shells covered the ground underneath. Leann had a favorite spot in a clearing that gently slopped to the water. The boys and Pa had worn the grass down from their fishing excursions. Sometimes the family brought a picnic lunch and spent the day. During the summer months they waded and swam in the water. Pa let the girls go without petticoats and swim in a blouse and light skirt. The boys swam in short cutoff pants without shirts. Leann thought this arrangement was unfair. She had seen swimsuits for women in Godey’s Lady’s Book, but Pa would not let them have one. He said they were immodest.

The creek water looked cool and inviting after the swift walk, so Leann sat down on a log and began removing her shoes. Ralph did the same, rolling up his pants legs. They waded the cold, shallow waters and listened to a robin sing in a willow. Leann held Ralph’s hand with one of hers and pulled up the bottom of her dress with the other. She bent to watch the minnows nibble at her toes. A fish splashed in the deeper middle pool.

“I need my fishing pole,” Ralph said when the fish splashed the second time.

“Pa and the boys caught four big bass and several small perch the other day. They seem to be biting now. We had a great fish fry.” Leann’s mouth watered just thinking about the good fried fish and potatoes.

“You’re making me hungry.”

“Did you eat supper before you came?” She stopped and turned to look up at Ralph.

His eyes met hers, lingering for a while, then he looked around. “I wonder if John followed us? Because I’m about to kiss you right now.”

Ralph bent his head over hers and found her lips with his. He released her hand, pulling her close. She closed her eyes, letting her skirt fall to the water, then put her arms around his neck and returned his ardent kiss, matching the fervor. They lingered in the kiss and embrace for longer than usual, until the sound of a throat clearing broke the silence. Both dropped their arms and turned toward the sound. Tom, her oldest brother, stood on the bank with a fishing pole in his hand.


Heaven Must Wait, Part II

Heaven Must Wait, Part II


Buy Links:

Historical Heartbeats

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A Highland Ruby Blog Tour


We invite you to Brenda B. Taylor’s A HIGHLAND RUBY Virtual Book Tour February 6 – 28

Inside the Book:


Author: Brenda B. Taylor

Publisher: Bethabara Press

Pages: 207

Genre: Historical Romance


A Highland Ruby


She must choose between a life of adventure with the man she loves or a settled, secure life with her betrothed. Flora Vass forced Gavin Munro out of her heart and mind until he returned to Scotland after an adventurous five years in the New World. Gavin leaves no doubt he returned to make the bonnie Flora his own and intends to fight for her. Flora’s betrothed, Iain MacKay, and Gavin’s brother, Chief Andrew Munro, have other plans. Andrew needs her to marry the MacKay and bring peace between the two clans. Iain MacKay desires an heir. War with England looms on the horizon, forcing Flora to make crucial decisions.

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“A Highland Ruby” by Brenda B. Taylor – A Review!

Flora Vass has lost her love to the New World. He preferred fighting savages than having a life back in Scotland with her. She has lost one man before on the fight, another one now to adventurous l…

Source: “A Highland Ruby” by Brenda B. Taylor – A Review!

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A Time For Love Blog Hop

February is the month most thoughts turn to LOVE. We celebrate love in many ways—candy, cards, notes, letters, and words of endearment. The books I write are historical romance, so they include many expressions of love. Sometimes these expressions take several forms. In the Wades of Crawford County series, Leann and Ralph Wade are a young couple who must wait for marriage. They love each other passionately, but Leann’s father, John Clark, believes his daughter is too young to marry. Leann is seventeen when Ralph proposes and John will not consent for them to wed until she is eighteen. Ralph decides Leann is worth the wait, and gives her a beautiful engagement ring that belonged to his grandmother.

Giveaway:  I will give away a four volume set of the Wades of Crawford County series to a commenter on this page.

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heavenmustwaitparti_medium  heavenmustwaitpartii_medium







Ralph expresses his love for Leann in several ways, but the most endearing is his decision to wait until they are married to make her completely his. He tells her they will find a way to wait, and faith sustains the couple through the next year. The romance of Leann and Ralph Wade is told in Heaven Must Wait and Heaven Must Wait, Part II.




The sequel, Follow Your Heart, tells of Leann and Ralph’s wedding and first year of marriage. The young couple finds the road to happiness is not always easy and sometimes filled with pot holes, but their love and faith are strong enough to see them through the adverse circumstances of life. Leann and Ralph never stop believing in each other.


The third book in the Wades of Crawford County series is, Through the Storm. The story is another tale of the endearing strength of Leann and Ralph’s LOVE while raising three children, making a living on their farm, near-death experiences of a child and Leann,  their oldest daughter taken by her biological father, and other circumstances of life. The novel has a happy ending, however, and is a testiment of endearing love, sustaining faith, and overcoming devotion.


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To WIN prizes, collect freebies, and meet awesome authors simply visit each page below
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9. Hearts Abound ~ Tena Stetler 10. Love Every Day ~ Darlene Fredette
11. Importance of Valentines Day ~ Maureen Bonatch 12. Souls Forever Bound ~ Judith Sterling
13. Mysterious Origins of Valentine’s Day ~ Barbara Bettis 14. A Romantic Valentine Dinner ~ Jana Richards
15. Steamy Romance Meets Spooky Suspense ~ Kathryn Knight 16. Book Bling ~ Elizabeth Alsobrooks
17. Sweet Romances ~ Katherine McDermott 18. Historical Heartbeats ~ Brenda B. Taylor
19. An Awesome Bewitching Author Valentines Day ~ Lisa Voisin 20. Idea City ~ Kitsy Clare/Catherine Stine
21. Welcome to the ABA Valentine Hop ~ Linda Nightingale 22. Bridie Hall YA Author ~ Bridie Hall
23. A Time For Love Valentine Blog Hop ~ Amber Daulton 24. ‘Out Of This World’ Romance ~ Hywela Lyn
25. Time Travel For Love ~ Karen Michelle Nutt 26. Valentine’s Day – A Family Tradition ~ Holland Rae
27. Historical Heartbeats


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Did You Know…? Five Things Every #Author Should Know. #RRBC Book & Blog #BlockParty

Great giveaways and five interesting facts authors should know. from 4WillsPublishing.

4WillsPublishing Author Services

Blog Party 1

Location:  WORLDWIDE

#of Giveaways:  3

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Hi, and welcome to 4WillsPublishing Author Services where our strong wills keep you moving forward!  We offer top-notch service with our book trailers, blog tours, book covers and more!  So, do take a look around and if you want the best, then you want to become a 4WillsPub client!

I know that you have been visiting some really awesome blogs along this block party tour, with really interesting blog posts.  Some were short and sweet, others were lengthy and filled with details.  Mine, well, it will fall somewhere in the middle.

I thought I’d feed you a little Author Stew…a little of this, and a little of that, but all in the helpful tips department.  So, here goes…I’m going to ask you 5…

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A Highland Ruby by Brenda B. Taylor

  Please help me welcome today’s guest, Brenda B. Taylor, with her new release…   Blurb: She must choose between a life of adventure with the man she loves or a settled, secur…

Source: A Highland Ruby by Brenda B. Taylor

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